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ACE Kinesiology Knee Support features a Pressure Pad that offers targeted pressure to provide support to sore or injured knees. Made from an innovative four way stretch Flexible Fiber Matrix Material, the support moves with you as you shoot, sprint, swing and spike. Each support is pre cut in the ideal shape – so there’s no need to hassle with scissors. The thin, low profile design offers an athletic look, yet fits discreetly under clothing. Whether you’re hitting up a basketball game after work or heading out for your daily run, rely on the comfortable support of the ACE Kinesiology Knee Support to help keep you in the game.


  • Targeted pressure for sore or injured knee
  • Flexible Fiber Matrix Material and Pressure Pad work together for two layers of support
  • Pre-cut design with adhesive backing contours to the knee
  • Each one-time-use adhesive support may be worn for up to three days
  • Water-resistant materials are breathable and suitable for use in the shower or during water activities
  • Easy-to-apply design requires no scissors; simply peel the liner, align the Pressure Pad to your injured area, and press the support down from edge-to-edge for a secure fit
  • Great for everyday activities, athletics, and sports including tennis, racquetball, golf, skiing, volleyball, basketball, biking, hockey, weightlifting, water activities, soccer, running, baseball, and more
  • For best results, trim body hair if needed, apply to clean, dry, lotion-free skin 60 minutes prior to exercise
  • A great alternative to bulky knee braces, sleeves, and straps